C4 Learning, a subsidiary company of C4 Recovery Foundation, delivers online experiences for behavioral health providers, experts, and their service communities:

  • Online learning solutions
  • Interactive content and website development
  • HIPPA-compliant telehealth platforms

Online Learning Solutions

  • Transform your expertise into interactive courses
  • Create online and blended learning communities around your cause
  • Engage with your audience in a sustainable and meaningful way

Telehealth Solutions

  • Run one-on-one and group sessions on HIPPA-compliant platforms
  • Accessible from everywhere
  • Take, sort and analyze session notes
  • Process payments, set text and email reminders

Video Production, and Content Development

  • Get high-quality educational animations fast
  • Design courses that fit the needs of your audience
  • Develop online assets (websites, newsletters, and content)

About C4 Recovery Foundation

For close to twenty-five years, C4 Recovery Solutions has been the thought leader in promoting accountability-based payment for addiction treatment, both nationally and internationally. As part of this effort, C4 Recovery Solutions collaborates and consults with addiction treatment providers to equip them to incorporate outcome-management systems into their operations. C4 uses four strategies to accomplish its goals: conferencing, collaborating, convening, and consulting. C4 Recovery Solutions seeks to work with interested organizations and individuals to create projects demonstrating the principles and efficacy of using accountability-based management and payment.

In C4 Recovery Solutions’ formative years, it convened prestigious thought leaders (representatives of providers, payers, managed care, researchers, policy makers, the recovery community, government, and other stakeholders) to develop strategies for improving the accessibility, effectiveness, and efficiency of addiction treatment. These meetings led to the development of basic principles for improving the quality of, and access to addiction treatment through accountability-based management and payment. Out of these early deliberations grew various projects that have demonstrate that outcome data can have a profound effect on treatment delivery, access, and payment.

In the subsequent decades, C4 Recovery Solutions grew steadily and, in keeping with its goal to provide effective conferencing and convening, acquired the internationally renowned Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders (CCSAD), followed by C4 Recovery Solutions’ launch of the very successful West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders (WCSAD). These two symposia are often accompanied by meetings that further C4 Recovery Solutions’ mission, some sponsored by C4 and some sponsored by other organization. An example of the former is a convening of indigenous healers and an example of the latter is a summit focusing on fostering trauma-informed addiction services for men. Through these conferences and meetings C4 Recovery Solutions has become a leader in cutting- edge addiction treatment information dissemination and exchange.

As C4 Recovery Solutions has passed its first quarter century, it has embarked on a range of new initiatives to bring further value to addiction treatment and the recovery community. For example, we are adding a number of smaller hosted training events and symposia to enhance the capabilities of new audiences. Further, we are on the cusp of an international partnership to provide a mentoring program for addiction treatment professionals in other countries in order to enhance their skills and abilities, especially related to outcome-based treatment systems. Additionally, we are offering an exciting consulting program to assist local programs and organizations to meet their organizational challenges, especially as the US health care system undergoes for major changes. Finally, C4 Recovery Solutions will remain a strong advocate for recovery-based treatment that uses a broad ranging continuum of care, effective wrap around services, and carefully augmented by the targeted use of pharmacologic agents.

C4 Recovery Solutions looks forward to its third decade of leadership in convening, conferencing, collaborating and consulting to ensure that persons with addictions and their families receive quality and appropriate treatment services when they need them.


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