C4 Offers COVID-19 Support Services

We at C4 Recovery are aware that behavioral health companies large and small are advising employees and clients to work/continue treatment remotely due to COVID-19. Many people are likely to be hunkered down in their home in the days ahead. If your company is worried how your organization will deal with this change, we can help. We can rapidly deploy short-term solutions for small organizations seeking online learning platforms for remote workers, clients, and alumni. In addition, we are available to provide a variety of services both remotely and in communities across the country where our consultants reside to include:

  • Strategic & Tactical Planning including managing virtual operations
  • Rapid Development of Online Learning Solutions for remote workers and clients
  • Remote Client, Alumni Engagement Solutions through affordable telehealth platforms
  • Contingency Management Support
  • Human Resource Strategy including leading and managing remote teams
  • Policy & Procedure Solutions encompassing remote work policies
  • Operational implementation
  • Organizational Health Support

We have affordable, easy-to-deploy solutions that might help. Contact us to learn more and schedule a demo.