Mindshield™ For BrainBurn™


MindShield is built on 3 skills that help you reframe your experience and decrease the Stress Response by accessing the Executive Brain. Instead of being “stuck” in an unconscious “fight, flight or freeze” response, MindShield teaches how to regain control and quiet your mind. MindShield uses proven and easy-to-use techniques that empower you and help decrease your Stress Response. Once you are in a conscious state of mind (Executive Brain), you can take better decisions over stressful situations and decrease negative impact in your relationships, your health and improve mental balance.

  • MindShield begins with psychoeducation: understanding why the Stress Response is activated (fight, flight, freeze), why and how the Primitive brain tries to escape the stress/burnout/trauma continuum, and how the Primitive Brain and the Executive Brain work.
  • Once the Stress Response and the brain anatomy are understood, Mindfulness Techniques are integrated into the training. MindShield helps one understand and quiet the mind. When you are familiar with the seven tools that help you move from your Primitive Brain to your Executive Brain, you can learn and grow.
  • The next step involves mapping your stressful situations. Mapping is the process by which you experience your capability to choose to activate your Executive Brain, instead of being driven by stress and fear.
  • MindShield enhances and reinforces the training by teaching communication skills. When you are triggered to your stress response, you will be able to use tools such as “soft start up” or “active listening” to overcome your Stress Response and strengthen your relationships.

Finally, we help you to clarify your values via Motivational interviewing: looking at value discrepancy, what is important to you and what you value; what would pull you towards family, career, friendship, connections and resiliency; what would pull you towards learning and growth.

Because MindShield is a training, it is important for you to practice the tools you learn in your daily life as often as possible. As any training, the key to implementing new habits is in practicing what you have learned.

*We encourage you to keep a note book and track progress and personal reflections in your personal journal.

Organization of the Training

The main components of the training are:

  • Readings and video material
  • A short multiple-choice quiz at the end of each module
  • Reflection questions

The course is built to be simple to navigate. You have the landing page and 7 sections: the Introduction & Overview, the four modules, the glossary and documents section, and the course certificate.

Each module is divided in 2 parts:

  • Reading & Video materials
  • Activities section (exercises, reflection questions, and quizzes)

You can access the different parts of the training from the section list below. The quiz is the last activity of each module, and the course certificate can be printed once all quizzes have been completed and passed.

We wish you success in implementing MindShield in your life!

Your MindShield Team

Course Certificate

Once you have completed all Topics, Lessons, and Quizzes and marked everything complete, you will be able to print your course certificate. To find your certificate, simply click “View My Courses” from the top menu. Here you will see a list of all courses you have purchased. If you have completed every requirement for this course, a certificate icon will be visible next to this course’s name. Click on that certificate icon to print your certificate.