MindShield – Peer to Peer Training


Go beyond mastering your own stress response with this 7-hour training and teach MindShield to your peers, develop your leadership skills, and enhance team cohesion.

Many organizations already have robust peer support programs. MindShield isn’t meant to replace these. MindShield’s peer to peer training is designed to bring quick, easy to learn, science-based skills to enhance what you are already doing well.

PART ONE: Introduction to MindShield for BrainBurn

MindShield is built upon three skill sets that help reframe your experiences and decrease stress response by accessing the Executive Brain. Instead of being stuck in an unconscious “fight, flight or freeze” state, MindShield teaches you how to regain control over stress responses and quiet your mind. Through proven and easy-to-use techniques, MindShield empowers you to manage your stress response. Once you are in a conscious state of mind (Executive Brain), you can make better decisions during stressful situations and decrease negative impacts on your relationships and health, and improve mental balance.

PART TWO: Advanced Training & Leadership

This part of the training will help answer the following questions:

  • What is MindShield leadership?
  • What is your role?
  • What prevents you from having the team players you want and need?
  • What skill sets will help you get the team members you want?
  • How do you mentor and teach these skills?
  • What communication skill set will help you keep the perfect team?     

Organization of the Training

The main components of the training are:

  • Reading and video materials
  • Short multiple-choice quizzes after each module
  • Reflection questions 
  • Engagement with your co-trainees via responses to their posts
  • Participation in two 45-minute Zoom sessions 

The course is built to be simple to navigate. You have the landing page and 12 sections: the Introduction & Overview, the ten modules, and the course certificate.

Each module is divided in 2 parts:

  • Reading & Video materials
  • Activities section (exercises, reflection questions, and quizzes)

You can access the different parts of the training from the section list below. The quiz is the last activity of each module, and the course certificate can be printed once all quizzes have been completed and passed.

We wish you success in implementing MindShield in your life!

Your MindShield Team

Course Certificate

Once you have completed all Topics, Lessons, and Quizzes and marked everything complete, you will be able to print your course certificate. To find your certificate, simply click “View My Courses” from the top menu. Here you will see a list of all courses you have purchased. If you have completed every requirement for this course, a certificate icon will be visible next to this course’s name. Click on that certificate icon to print your certificate.