MindShield for Brainburn – Conclusion and Certificate

A Training To Master Your Stress Response

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed your MindShield Training

MindShield training is the combination of all the exercises you have completed and all the tools you have been practicing:

  • You have read through the symptoms of BrainBurn, and know the difference between your Primitive Brain and your Executive Brain.
  • You have practiced techniques to help you calm your BrainBurn and make the switch to Executive Brain Function. 
  • You have learned how your Stress Response can impact your relationships, and identified tools to help you repair and maintain connections with your loved ones.

You have worked hard and built a strong Tool Box, but the work does not stop here. BrainBurn is something that will impact you and others every day. Just like you train and practice to be prepared for various aspects of you job, MindShield Tools can be used in your daily life to combat BrainBurn symptoms and care for your relationships. Doing the exercises in this training is not a cure for BrainBurn – it is an introduction to processes and tools that require practice and use daily. The goal of the MindShield process is to identify the difference between the Primitive Brain and the Executive Brain, and cultivate the desire to switch from Primitive to Executive.