Addiction Disrupts Brain Reward – So How Do We Restore It?




This course awards 1 CE Hour. 

For a half-century, we’ve known that drugs disrupt brain reward. Amidst a public health emergency, are we addressing this challenge? Contingency Management (CM) drives healthy brain reward. It’s our best-researched and most effective — yet paradoxically least utilized – approach. After 100 successful random controlled trials, real-world challenges still abound: ethics (is paying patients money enabling?), resources (who pays?), testing (truly random, witnessed drug screens?) and management (who does intricate accounting?). Digital health apps now surmount each of these obstacles, aiding motivation, harm reduction, MAT adherence, sobriety and treatment retention. Impacts are real: decreased drinking, longer treatment retention, better program completion. Even busy, oversubscribed and scarcely-resourced providers can now easily achieve implementation to cope with this epidemic – and the next one.


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