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What Is MindShield?

MindShield is a fully integrated trauma centered intervention that delivers an efficient and empowering way to mitigate acute stress, burnout and trauma. Rooted in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, our researched-backed and integrative intervention utilizes validated methodologies. Over time, MindShield has proved to be an effective training that has helped more than 500 Firefighters in the Salt Lake City area.

Crisis Response, Stress & Trauma in the workplace

Exhaustion, short tempers and a general culture of overwork are a quiet plague sweeping through the lives of people today. In short, stress is taking over the world before our eyes and it is attacking our bravest first. According to the American Institute of stress 73% of people suffer psychologically problems due to stress. This rate is even higher among first responders, doctors, nurses and emergency medical personnel. While stress creeps in to erode our relationships and fry our emotional synapses we talk about getting more sleep and emphasizing self-care without ever taking the time to learn the tools of effective stress management.

MindShield: A training to master the crisis response

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? MindShield is not a typical mental health solution or a traditional therapy, but a fully integrated training which teaches the mental tools to combat Stress & Burnout.

Once the effects of stress are understood and the tools to overcome them are learnt, it is possible to eliminate the outcomes of stress and trauma in the moment. When MindShield is correctly used, it takes seconds to enact a lasting impact on the stress response.

MindShield is a fully integrated brief training which teaches first responders and all those working in an acute-stress workplace environment how to master their stress response.



How is MindShield for BrainBurn training organized?


  • In-depth curriculum designed to be accessible to non-professionals with online video and engaging didactic readings
  • Course pace is set to ensure assimilation, practice and mastery as participants take one module per day.
  • Exclusive access and interactions with an expert in MindShield over the period of the course: you will be able to ask questions and have a personal follow-up on your progress thanks to our interactive training.
  • Interactive Experience: designed to enhance Growing and Learning within a supportive cohort of co-trainees and a dedicate instructor.
  • 2 live sessions with your trainers to enhance the collective learning experience
  • Trainings start at various dates as cohorts are formed and upon space availability.
  • Opportunity to access more in-depth learning with our peer-to-peer training


MindShield trainings are tailored to offer a comprehensive solution to Stress & Burnout.



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