The Challenges of Couples Therapy for Addiction: CRAFTing Attachment




This course awards 1.5 CE Hours. 

Substance use imposes a threat to couples’ relationships likened to the betrayal of an affair. Resentment and hurt can build for both parties, worsen the addiction and doom a relationship. Connection, support and the reduction of stress are crucial for recovery but enabling can prolong the use. How should therapists navigate these complex issues? The past stance of postponing therapy until abstinence is attained leaves couples discouraged, in pain, and feeling alone and hopeless, all factors that could precipitate or increase substance use. This is wrong and inadequate and wastes an important, sometimes the most important, reason to change. We will introduce CRAFT (Community Reinforcement Approach – Family Therapy) and EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) and show how and when to use each to maximize successful engagement, motivation and recovery of the addicted person and their partner.


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