How about……. Use your senses to stay grounded. How our sensory systems contribute to self-regulation

Why would you want to learn about sensory strategies? How can this apply to your clinical practice and clientele?

The research of the last decade supports the use of somatic-based strategies for working with trauma as well as the most integrative way to work with the various levels of the brain for more holistic healing.

Our own professional expertise and experience has also shown us that these tools are very effective and well-received by clients as a non-cognitive tool to help the brain and body be more regulated. We have used these strategies for over 12 years with great success and outcomes. We have seen them be effective in mental health settings, substance use disorder settings, dual diagnosis settings, and neurodevelopmental disorder settings. Whatever setting you practice in, these tools will assist your clients in adjusting their arousal level as needed for the task at hand.

Module 1 (Sensory-based Strategies for Self-regulation) is a 12-unit course that offers videos, worksheets, case studies and quizzes for mastery. We also have the plus version of the course that includes live zoom sessions with a trainer. We are pleased to announce that we are offering a certificate of completion for 6 clinical hours and CEU’s for certain organizations.

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